Apple has too many products to present in September

September of fire for Apple: it has so many products coming that, probably, it will have to hold more events to present them all

On October 13, 2020 Apple presented to the world the new iPhone 12 and only one other product, absolutely marginal: the HomePod Mini. This year things could be very different, for two reasons: the first is that the pandemic has loosened its grip, thanks to vaccines, and the Apple event will return in September as per tradition, the second is that there could be two events, or maybe even three, in a single month.

The Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes, specializing in news about the electronics industry in Southeast Asia, is convinced of this. According to DigiTimes, in fact, would be many Apple products coming in September and not only the iPhone 13. So many that a single event will not be enough to present them all. Apple, for this reason, would change its marketing policy: no longer a single event to announce multiple products, but a series of events during which will be presented only one product. Events that, at this point, should take place from early September to the end of the month, one after the other, because the new devices coming are really many. The only problem with this prediction, which could make it turn out to be partially wrong, is that Apple often delays the launch of its products.

Which Apple products are ready for launch

Let's start, then, from the new Apple products that according to analysts and well-informed would be now ready for launch. Surely there is iPhone 13, already in production since July, but also the Apple Watch 7, the AirPods 3, the ninth-generation iPad and the sixth-generation iPad mini.

To these, already many Apple products, should also be added the new 16-inch Mackbook Pro with M1 chip, replacing the current models with Intel CPU.

Apple events in September: what to expect

As we have seen, then, there are several new Apple products coming. Assuming that Apple wants to present them all in September, however, there is an embarrassment of riches on the ways in which this could happen.

A hypothesis is that of a joint launch between iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7 (two products very closely related), followed by a specific launch for the new iPad and, finally, another event dedicated to MacBooks. But there could also be a launch of iPhone 13 only, followed by an event for iPad and Watch 7 and a third date for MacBook Pro.

In short: Apple has so many products coming that it's impossible to know exactly what it will present and when. That is, if it wants to unveil them all in September, which is by no means certain.