Fortnite, it’s virus alert on Android

Hackers have made fake applications and fake APKs of the videogame Battle Royale that are now infecting several Android smartphones

The success of the videogame Fortnite, the game all against all that is depopulating both on consoles and on computers in the Battle Royale version, has started to attract the interest of hackers. After the virtual currency scams, now there are real viruses designed for Android.

But how do cyber criminals cheat Android users? Simple, they have made an unofficial Fortnite application with malicious codes inside. In order to defend against this new cybersecurity threat it should be remembered that at the moment there is still no official Fortnite app for Android. In recent months, there have been rumors of an imminent launch on green robot smartphones, but the launch has always been postponed. A spasmodic wait exploited by hackers who have created fake Fortnite APKs that install malware, especially spyware, on the victim's smartphone.

Fake Fortnite apps for Android, what are the dangers

You just have to open Google Play to notice the amount of apps that have Fortnite or Battle Royale in their name. Sometimes they're harmless apps that just aim to get some publicity, and in other cases they're ebooks that we can read to learn how to play the game or to discover all the tricks to get stronger. Other times, however, they are malicious applications that aim to infect our phone. Recognizing that they are fakes is not always easy also because some of them also present YouTube videos where they describe how to install Fortnite on our Android, but they are real online hoaxes. To avoid installing malware on your smartphone we must remember one thing: Battle Royale for Android does not exist. This means that until Epic Game releases the official app for smartphones, everything that claims to be the game on the Google Play Store represents or may represent a threat to our device and our computer security.

Beware also of fake online if we surf from PC. In fact, there are fake APKs, fake sites and fake winnings of virtual coins and weapons on the Net. If we click on one of these sites or download one of the files on the malicious portals related to Fortnite but not official we risk installing viruses and adware on our computer.