3 TV series to watch in August

If you are back from the sea and vacations, or you are still at the beach but connected, and you want to enjoy the TV series these are ideal for August. The heat is felt in this month of August and if you are still on vacation or just returned home and want to avoid … Read more

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will have super-powerful charging

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix range could soon have a successor, which would arrive in style: Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is aiming for super-powerful fast charging. Xiaomi’s Mi Mix range has been stuck in its third generation for almost three years. If we exclude Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold which is part of another strand, that of the … Read more

Fortnite, it’s virus alert on Android

Hackers have made fake applications and fake APKs of the videogame Battle Royale that are now infecting several Android smartphones The success of the videogame Fortnite, the game all against all that is depopulating both on consoles and on computers in the Battle Royale version, has started to attract the interest of hackers. After the … Read more

IPhone, apps spy on you and track even while you sleep

Research conducted by a Washington Post reporter reveals that many iPhone apps send users’ personal data to third-party company servers If you have an iPhone, instead of an Android smartphone, is your privacy safer and can you sleep soundly? No, since right at night from your Apple device tons of data are sent to third-party … Read more

Stranger Things 4, story development news

Will the love between Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers endure the distance? Stranger Things 4 Stranger Things¬†is preparing to return to streaming on Netflix¬†with season four and there are many threads left open in season three. If the fate of Sheriff Jim Hopper holds the breath, many are curious to see the evolution of the … Read more

IPhone 12 coming in four versions, including a “Mini”

Apple is also working on a mini version of the iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch screen. Here’s what it will look like Size matters, especially when it comes to smartphones. In recent years, the market has taken a clear direction: devices with larger and larger screens and a more elongated shape. This epochal change, however, … Read more