3 TV series to watch in August

If you are back from the sea and vacations, or you are still at the beach but connected, and you want to enjoy the TV series these are ideal for August.

The heat is felt in this month of August and if you are still on vacation or just returned home and want to avoid thinking that next week you will be in the office, there are some series that for different reasons will make you escape and relax your mind.

At Ferragosto you know, it is full of people everywhere, and if you have not yet organized a trip or you just want to enjoy the best alternative of staying at home, cool with air conditioning on, you are ready to give yourself to a new sport: the summer binge watching.

August with Modern Love

We start to satisfy our desire for romance with Modern Love. On Prime video we find two seasons of this very successful series inspired by the true stories of the New York Times column of the same name. Modern Love is an anthology series, each episode closes as if it were a unique story in its own right.

Famous and popular, not only for stellar actors in it, but also and especially because it tells the theme of love from different points of view. Different shades and different types of love. There is not always a happy epilogue in the stories told, but what we will surely find is the honesty of life stories.

The Kominsky Method 

The Kominsky Method is an American TV series that tells the story of Sandy Kominsky, an actor who had a brief successful career and is now a Hollywood acting master. The series was created by Chuck Lorre, former author of The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men and then the protagonists are sublime. He plays Sandy Kominsky, an extraordinary Michael Dougles and in the role of Norman Newlander, his agent producer and friend,  Alan Arkin, Oscar winner for Little Miss Sunshine.

The two, who are dealing with senility, give life to a couple of friendship really hilarious that faces together the challenges of old age. A series that tackles complex issues, but with the great secret of irony!

All three seasons of The Kominsky Method are available on the Netflix platform.

August and beyond with Luther

If you love cop shows with different cases to solve and are ready to get attached to the character, Luther is the series you'll start watching in the wild summer binge watching and continue throughout September. The seasons and episodes are many, but the tension and suspense will bring you from episode to episode to want to know more and more.

Luther is a brilliant London police officer, a homicide inspector who has a remarkable talent, but a person with strong passions that his brilliant mind can not always keep in check.

All five seasons of Luther are available in the catalog of Netflix.