Call of Duty: Cold War, presentation on August 26: how to follow it

On August 26, Activision will officially present Call of Duty: Cold War, the new chapter of the video game. Here's everything you need to know

The easter egg that has characterized the launch of Call of Duty: Cold War in the last week seems to have finally led to something new: Activision has published the first trailer of the new game, giving appointment to August 26, when there will be the official presentation of the new title.

After months of rumors and half-anticipations, we finally know both the name and the day when the new chapter of the video game will be presented. The clues published in recent days by Activision on the other hand left no doubt: the new Call of Duty will be set during the Cold War and should cover a period of about thirty years. Where will it be possible to follow the presentation of Call of Duty: Cold War? On Call of Duty: Warzone. The most important news is this: Activision has organized an in-game event that will allow all players to descend on the map of Verdansk and attend the presentation event.

Call of Duty: Cold War, first trailer and presentation date

In the trailer released by Activision is not shown anything about how it will be the game and gameplay. It is a movie that collects several fragments of episodes that happened during the Cold War. Only at the end appears the name of the title with the date of presentation: August 26, 2020.

The other important news concerns the way in which the reveal will be made: a live event on Call of Duty: Warzone, the battle royale released in March and in a few months has managed to become one of the landmarks of the industry. Activision in recent days has provided several clues on how to enter some bunkers and rooms scattered in the map of Verdansk, and for August 26 easter egg prepared in recent days will finally find a solution.

It is still not very clear how it will take place the presentation of the game: there could be the explosion of nuclear bombs hidden in some bunkers, or an event that will take place inside the stadium, but for the moment we do not know anything yet. Shortly there may also be the arrival of an important update that concerns the Season 5 of Warzone, which could change some areas of the map for the reveal of Call of Duty: Cold War. We'll definitely know more in the coming days.