Galaxy S10, Samsung drops the poker: available in 4 variants with 5G

According to the latest rumors coming out of Korea, Samsung would like to launch 4 Galaxy S10 models with triple cameras. One will feature 5G connectivity

Samsung wants to go big for the launch of the upcoming Galaxy S10. The South Korean company's top-of-the-line phone will come in four variants, three of which will be available worldwide and another one with 5G connectivity that will only be sold in certain countries.

The code names of the new four Galaxy S10 smartphones have emerged for the first time in a framework of the Android 9 Pie beta version for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. According to the first rumors coming from South Korea, it is likely that the fourth model, the one with 5G connectivity, will be sold only on the Asian market, also because in many other nations hardly the phone operators will have reached this level of technology on their mobile Internet connections. The other three models should retrace the strategy chosen by Apple on the 2018 iPhones, that is, we will have a cheaper model, a Plus model with a phablet screen and the standard model.

Samsung Galaxy S10: how they will be

The three models with 4G connectivity of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be different in terms of screen and cameras. The "budget" model will have a 5.8-inch screen and a single rear camera. The Galaxy S10 classic will always have 5.8-inch OLED screen plus a dual rear camera. Finally, the Galaxy S10+ model will have 6.44-inch screen with triple rear camera and dual front camera. The Plus model will therefore have five photo sensors in all.

And the Asian model with 5G? 5G will be implemented in a smartphone identical to the Galaxy S10+, for a truly premium model that will also be the most expensive of the four. All four smartphones will be launched with the latest generation Android operating system, namely 9.0 Pie. And depending on the markets will mount the latest processor Qualcomm or Exynos.

Most likely, indeed almost certainly, in Italy Samsung will launch only the three standard models without the 5G connection. Also because in our country we are only at the beginning of the assignment of frequency bands for the development of this new technology of connection to the Internet for mobile. More likely that in addition to Japan, South Korea and China, the Galaxy S10+ model in 5G may also be launched in the United States. The launch of the four Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones is scheduled for the last weeks of January 2019.