Get ready to say goodbye to the second page of Google

Google has announced a new feature that will make us say goodbye to the second page of search results, and even to the following ones: here's what it is

Google is constantly working on improving the business from which everything was born, that is the online search. Often it does it behind the scenes and we have news of it in rare cases, as in the case of Google Big Moments, but other news are so obvious that if Big G does not communicate them, they would come out anyway in a short time.

This is the case of the news that makes disappear the second page of Google and the following ones, no longer necessary. For the moment it's a novelty that concerns smartphones, but who knows that after a phase of "running-in" Google may not decide to standardize the treatment extending it to computers. Very often you find what you are looking for in the first page of the list of Google search results, but other times searches must be deepened. At Mountain View they estimate that most Internet users who want to go beyond the first page tend to browse even four pages before being satisfied. So here's a new feature designed by Google that will make us say goodbye to the second and subsequent pages.

Google's new "continuous" search

"At Google, we're always exploring new ways to help people find what they're looking for quickly and easily. Earlier this year, we launched a redesign of the search results page on mobile devices for a more modern experience that was easier to browse and navigate," they write from Mountain View on an official blog page.

Then they continue on the news that effectively retires the second page of search results. Google is sure in this way to make navigation between search results more fluid and intuitive with the introduction of continuous scrolling on mobile devices, then on iPhone and Android. From now on, upon reaching the bottom area of the search results from a smartphone, what was previously displayed on the second and subsequent pages is loaded below automatically and without having to touch anything.

Halloween example

In fact, search results are displayed in what can be seen as a virtually infinite feed, as if it were that of Instagram or Twitter. Google brings up a pertinent example with Halloween, an upcoming event that might lead someone to search:  "What can I do with pumpkins?"

In cases like this, you might want to read as many suggestions as possible before choosing for one option or another. "Scrolling through a wider range of results could show you a lot of options you hadn't considered, such as ideas on decorating the pumpkin without carving it, recipes on what to do with the seeds once you've carved the pumpkin, and other ideas on how to get the most out of your pumpkin without waste."

The new feature that could potentially revolutionize the way you browse Google search results is being rolled out now. The company warns that the release started in the United States, and then it will progressively extend to other countries, so for us Italians a little patience might be needed.