How to free up space occupied by Messages with iOS 11

If your iPhone has a storage space of only 16GB or 32GB, very soon we will have to struggle to free up memory. Here are some simple tricks

If you own an iPhone from a few years ago, you've most likely faced a serious problem more than once: lack of storage space. Many iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 owners have a model with memory ranging between 16GB and 32GB. A choice that over time has proved detrimental.

In fact, the weight of the most used applications (WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger) has become impossible to bear for smartphones with such a limited memory. And very often you are forced to delete images and videos that you care a lot, but that no longer allow the proper functioning of the device. We have already told you about how you can free up space on your iPhone using various tricks, but we never focused on the Messages app. This is the messaging app developed directly by Apple and widely used among users of the bitten apple. Usually you don't take it into consideration, but iMessage goes to affect a lot of space available on the smartphone. Here are some tricks to recover memory on iPhone with iOS11.

What settings to change on Messages to recover space on iPhone

As it happens on WhatsApp and other messaging apps, if you download all the content you receive on Messages, you will soon find yourself with no memory space. To prevent this from happening, we just need to change some simple settings on the smartphone.

First we need to go into Settings, scroll down and press on the "Messages" item. A screen will open with all the various settings of the app: scrolling down we'll find "Keep Messages", "Audio Messages" and "Low Quality Images". These are the three settings we'll need to work on to free up the iPhone's memory.

The "Keep Messages" setting refers to the amount of time that the messages we send and receive remain saved in memory. By default it's set to "Always", but this will soon occupy the smartphone's memory. We suggest you choose the "Up to 30 days" option: in this way the messages and their content will be deleted after a month of receiving and sending.

The Messages app also allows you to send voice notes. This is a very popular tool for young people, but at the same time it takes up a lot of memory. To make sure that the iPhone's storage space remains free, you need to go to the Audio Messages section and then under Expiration choose "2 minutes".

Finally, the last setting to change concerns the images we download from conversations. By enabling the "Low quality images" option, all downloaded photos will weigh a few kilobytes and won't take up the iPhone's memory.