Vodafone 5G: how much it costs and everything you need to know

Vodafone brings the 5G network to Italy. You can activate the fast connection for free or for a fee. Find out all the offers available and how they work

The great revolution of the 5G network has also landed in Italy, and among the first phone operators to offer it is Vodafone. Starting Sunday, June 16, 2019, a large segment of customers can surf with a more stable and faster connection, some can even use it for free.

Vodafone has decided to propose several offers to those who want to activate 5G in their device. For the moment, the network is only active in 5 Italian cities (Milan, Turin, Bologna, Naples, Rome) and of course it is reserved only for those who have a cell phone prepared for the 5G network. If you have these requirements, Vodafone offers the 5G network for free to those who activate a new SIM or use one of the Red Unlimited plans, the Shake it Easy offer for those under 30 and Vodafone One Pro. The others can subscribe to the paid offer. In short, the company has really thought of everyone, but untangling the various options is not easy, that's why if you're a Vodafone Italy customer, let's see in detail the promotions for 5G network and who can activate it for the moment.

Who can use the Vodafone 5G Network in Italy?

For the moment, the ultra-fast connection is available only in some Italian municipalities: Milan, Turin, Bologna, Naples and Rome. Vodafone's goal is to bring the 5G network to 100 Italian municipalities as soon as possible. Of course, those who want to take advantage of 5G must have a smartphone that supports this network. For the moment they are the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G and LG V50 ThinQ 5G.

Vodafone 5G free: who is entitled and how it works

You can have Vodafone 5G for free if you activate a new SIM, a change of offer or you already have one of the following offers: Red Unlimited Smart, Red Unlimited Ultra, Red Unlimited Black and also the offer Shake it Easy reserved for those who have not yet turned 30. Those who have one of these options already active can use the 5G network for free on the mobile.

Vodafone 5G pay: how to activate it

Those who do not have one of the offers described above can request activation of the 5G network by paying 5 euros per month, with a free trial month. The offer is called 5G Start.