IOS 11 will automatically delete less used apps to free up space

With iOS 11, apps that you don't use will be deleted to lighten the iPhone's memory. They can be re-installed at any time

As anticipated a few weeks ago, with iOS 11, the new operating system presented in these days by Apple at WWDC, the annual conference organized for developers, Cupertino will delete many obsolete apps from its store. And that's not all. iOS 11 will also delete from iPhones the apps you use less.

The basic idea of the feature is to allow users to recover some space. The tool, in fact, activates when it notices that the iPhone's memory is about to run out. The feature in iOS 11, which Apple calls "Offloads Unused App", will remove only the apps that users don't use often, while still keeping all the data generated by the deleted apps in memory. The system will work in the background and will delete the apps automatically. All users will have to do is activate the feature.

Other features to free up space

Activating the feature is very simple: just go into "Settings" and then go to "General" and from there go to the section that includes storage drives. Offloads Unused App is not, however, the only tool introduced by iOS 11, currently available only in beta mode, to free up space on the iPhone or one of Apple's other mobile devices. There are, in fact, features that allow you to transfer files from your smartphone to iCloud, Apple's online storage unit, when the memory is almost full. And then there's another one that automatically, if activated, deletes conversations more than a year old from instant messaging apps.