WhatsApp, new feature: how to delete messages automatically

WhatsApp is working on the "Delete Messages" feature that allows you to automatically delete messages from chats. Here's how it works

We had already talked about WhatsApp's "Delete Messages" feature at the end of last year, saying that the developers were working on the tool and that it would be available in the following months. Now we have an important news: in the beta version 2.20.84 of WhatsApp for Android, the feature has reappeared and has been added even in individual conversations.

In fact, at first, the developers had thought to release it only for groups. The feature would have served to clean group chats from thousands of messages that are exchanged every day. The administrator could decide in the settings how often to automatically delete messages from the group: every hour, every day, every week, every month or every year. As you can guess, "Delete Messages" is a kind of automatic cleaner that deletes all the messages, photos, videos that are exchanged on WhatsApp. From being a feature available only for groups, "Delete Messages" will also be available in "one to one" chats to the happiness of millions of users. For the moment the tool is not yet available, but it could be very soon.

How to delete messages automatically on WhatsApp

As it always happens in these situations, the first to raise the news were the guys from WaBetaInfo that on their website have published the first screenshots of the new feature. The use is very simple and everyone will be able to take advantage.

To delete messages automatically on WhatsApp will need to enter the individual chat, press the icon with three dots on the top right and then Show Contact. A new window will open and instead of where now there is "Important Messages" there will be "Delete Messages". Clicking on it will open a window with several options: every hour, every day, every week, every put or every year. Selecting one of them will activate the tool and the messages will be deleted automatically from the chat, without having to select all the messages and press the Trash to then delete them.

When will the new feature be available

It's hard to make a prediction about the arrival of the tool. The Dark Theme has been available for a few weeks now, a feature that has kept developers busy for more than a year. In the coming months there are many things on which the technicians are working, starting with the platform that will allow users to exchange money on WhatsApp. They are also working on making it possible to use the same account on different smartphones. All features that we will see in the coming months.