How to automatically update your PC software

To automatically update your PC programs, you need to use third-party apps: here are the best ones

Keeping your computer updated is very important, especially for the safety of your personal data. Updates to the operating system, games and programs not only add new features, but also improve security and fix bugs. That's why downloading and installing updates regularly is essential.

How many follow this rule? Few. For many users, checking for new updates and installing them on their device is a real hassle. You should dedicate at least an hour every week to this activity, but between work commitments and your personal life, updating your computer programs is at the bottom of the list of things to do. Fortunately, software houses have thought about users' commitments and in recent years have integrated a setting in their programs that lets them update them automatically. For example, in Windows 10 there is the Windows Update tool that alerts the user about the latest available OS updates and downloads them automatically. As for programs, you can install third-party software that automatically downloads updates. If you want to find out how to automatically update your computer, here's the guide for you.

Use Windows Update

Microsoft engineers release Windows 10 updates at least once a week. In most cases, these are minor adjustments and security patches to protect your PC from new virus attacks. How do you keep track of the operating system updates? Very simple, for a couple of years now there has been Windows Update in the OS, a tool that lets you check if your PC is up-to-date. If the user forgets to download the updates, the tool will automatically proceed after a predetermined period of time, especially if the update concerns important features of the operating system.

Use third-party programs

Unfortunately Windows Update only works with Windows 10. In order to update the programs on your computer, you need to install third-party software that independently checks if updates are available and automatically downloads them. Among the best ones on the Net are IObit Software Updater, Patch My PC and FileHippo App Manager.

Installing one of these three programs, however, does not fully solve the problem of automatic PC updates. With some applications, these software conflicts and fails to download updates. Why? There are several reasons for this: some programs only allow updates if you have purchased the Premium version, while other software has its own automatic update function. A case in point is Chrome, which automatically updates itself every time Google releases a new version.

Update video games

How to update video games automatically and not lose precious time every time you log in? You have to check in the settings of the game or the program you use to play (for example Steam) if there is an option for automatic updating. If so, enable it.