IPhone: a good and a bad news

Bloomberg has collected new rumors about the "foldable" iPhone: here's how far Apple has come and when this applephone will arrive on the market.

From Bloomberg comes two news, one good and one bad, for Apple fans who dream of getting their hands on a foldable iPhone soon. Apple's answer to the various Huawei Mate X, Samsung Galaxy Fold and Z Flip and Motorola RAZR 5G is in fact one of the great desires of lovers of the Cupertino brand.

Bloomberg has received news from a "person informed on the facts", which is not however cited by the news agency, while Apple has refused to comment on any rumors about a possible foldable iPhone. A product that, even for Apple, remains a huge challenge from the technical point of view as well as the design and, above all, the user interface: there is little point in a foldable screen, on the other hand, if the operating system does not offer an interface capable of exploiting every square millimeter of the display in an intelligent way. A product for which, however, there are Apple patents already for several years.

folding iPhone: the good news

The good news is that, according to the source heard by Bloomberg, Apple is actually working on a foldable smartphone. The bitten apple would even already have more than one prototype of foldable screen ready and being tested, but in great secrecy in its laboratories.

Remember, in fact, that until now Apple has never spoken openly about the possibility of bringing to market a foldable iPhone, nor has answered clearly and unequivocally to explicit questions on this topic. According to the source, however, silently would be working on a single display with hinge, similar to that of the Samsung to understand and not two separate displays joined by the body (like the Microsoft Surface Duo, in practice).

folding iPhone: the bad news

The bad news about the foldable iPhone is that Apple, at the moment, would have ready prototypes only for the screen and not also for the rest of the smartphone. The development work, therefore, has not yet extended to the rest of the components probably because Apple has not yet made a final decision on how the fundamental part of such a device should be: the foldable screen.

According to Bloomberg, this means that Apple is still very far from producing a foldable iPhone and that, perhaps, such a device we will never see.

Apple's priorities

Rather, again according to the source heard by Bloomberg, Apple would be focused on something else: the development of the current iPhone range, and then the launch of iPhone 13 this year.

This phone could, among other things, have a new fingerprint reader under the screen (perhaps the one just announced by Qualcomm) and fast 5G also on iPhones sold outside the United States.