PlayStation App changes look: all the news

Sony renews PlayStation App: design changes and many new features arrive with the integration of Ps Messages and Ps Store

PlayStation App changes not only in design, but also in functionality. The update released by Sony aims to improve the user's gaming experience on both PS4 and Ps5, but above all it integrates PS Messages with the possibility of voice chat and PS Store to download games even remotely.

The novelties introduced by Sony for the app are many and aim to create a community of gamers who can communicate even when they are away from the console. In addition to the new messaging and graphical interface features, the app will also give you access to the PS Blog, where you can find out all the official developer news and game content. To use the app, however, you need to have or create a PlayStation Network account, which you can access after downloading the app from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices.

PlayStation App, what's new in the design

The PlayStation app for mobile devices has a totally new look. The new user interface has a sleek design, with the main screen allowing users to see what their friends are playing, or even access information about the titles they've recently played and even their trophy list.

PlayStation App, what's new about messages and voice chat

PS Messages is being integrated into PlayStation App, preparing to disappear while also receiving important additional functionality. All PS Messages messages and threads will be transferred to Sony's new app, and users will be able to communicate with their friends from one app.

Also, voice chats are coming to chat with groups of up to 15 friends directly from the smartphone. Changes to the Groups feature for Parties are also being worked on in the update, following user feedback on PS4's system software update, version 8.00.

PlayStation Store integrated into PS App

The PlayStation App also integrates the PlayStation Store, allowing users to shop and browse more quickly and easily. One of the most appreciated features introduced with the update is the ability to remotely download games for PS4 and PS5.

In particular, the PlayStation App will allow those with a next-gen PS5 console to remotely launch games and manage storage space if, while downloading a game, it runs out and you need to free it up.