PlayStation 5, will the controller have a touchscreen?

Sony has filed a patent on a new PlayStation 5 controller featuring a small touchscreen with also streaming functions, here's what it will look like

Sony has just obtained from the U.S. patent agency a patent on a prototype of a new gaming console controller with a small touchscreen. Does this mean that on the next PlayStation 5 we will see a joypad with an integrated screen and manageable with touch controls?

According to many sources close to the Japanese company, the patent is nothing but the design for the new DualShock that we will see on the PS5. What is certain is that the controller has been designed to be used only on a game console, because the patent specifies its use on a platform connected to the Internet that can interface with other technological devices. In practice a joypad for consoles. In addition, the patent mentions a streaming video playback service for the screen of the joypad but it is still unclear whether the service will be the same that we currently see on PlayStation Now. 

How will the new DualShock PlayStation 5

From the patent is not yet clear, but it seems that there is a possibility that the new controller for the PlayStation 5 may have some functions, including streaming on the screen, even without the need to be associated with a Sony console. But it is for the moment an indiscretion and there is nothing confirmed in this sense by Sony. What seems certain are the intentions of the Japanese company for the future of its console for video games. In the future we will manage some titles, most likely those in the cloud and streaming PlayStation Now directly from our controller that we can always carry with us. On the other hand, several times the CEO of the game developer Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, has stressed the desire to move all the gaming experience in the cloud and streaming already next year.