PlayStation 5, the price revealed by an insider: how much does it cost

The alleged price of the PlayStation 5 has been revealed by an insider and could cost $ 449 at launch in Japan, but we must wait for confirmation

How much will the new PlayStation 5 cost? Rumors about the price are becoming more and more insistent and an insider would have revealed that the Sony console could cost $499 at launch on November 14 in Japan. To find out the price in other countries, we'll have to wait for the November 20 launch.

Insider Tom Henderson is known for providing information about the Call of Duty series, which later turned out to be accurate. While Henderson is considered a reliable source when it comes to PlayStation rumors, there are some details that don't add up. The first is the early launch in Japan, which would go against Sony's previous statements. The second detail is the price: the PS5 will come out in two versions: regular and Digital Edition without the Blu-Ray. The cost of 499 dollars could refer only to the standard version, in short the information given by the insider seems too partial.

PlayStation 5, how much could it cost

According to Henderson's indiscretions, the PlayStation 5 could be launched first in Japan on November 14 at the price of 499 dollars or pounds. A price that could refer to the standard version, since the information provided is considered partial and does not specify which of the two versions it is. The fear is that the rumour is just the latest in a series of false information, such as the one that had made believe that the price of the console would be revealed at 9:30 p.m. on July 13. A date that turned out, of course, inaccurate.

The price of about 500 euros, however, seems in line with other rumors circulating. The journalist Paul Tassi, an expert on PlayStation 5, explains that a cost below 500 euros would not allow you to pay back even the cost of components. His hypothesis on prices is therefore 500 euros for the Digital Edition and 550 euros for the Blu-Ray version.