How to track price changes on Amazon

On Amazon during Black Friday the prices of the products we are interested in might change constantly, so here is how to set an alert

The famous e-commerce Amazon is one of the main platforms on which to look for discounted products during Black Friday 2018. Discounts on Amazon start earlier and last for the whole week of Black Friday to end with the following Monday on Cyber Monday.

Such a long period of offers puts consumers in front of a big doubt: should I buy a product that interests me already now that has undergone a small decrease in price or will it be better to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to buy that item? And if instead a device or a product that interests me so much still had not been subjected to sale what should I do? These are questions that many ask themselves before making an online purchase on Amazon in view of Black Friday. The answer is only one: the advice is to set up an alert to track price changes on Amazon. This way we will be automatically alerted in case of changes on the price of the product we are interested in and we will never miss a super Amazon offer, even if it is timed. So here's how to set up an alert on Amazon.

How to set up a price alert on Amazon

It's no secret that the prices of various products on Amazon are constantly changing, several times even during the same week. And this happens even more frequently during the Black Friday discount week. Keeping up with these constant price changes is almost impossible. Luckily, we can set an automatic alert that will inform us via email or notification if an item we like has undergone a drop or a rise in price. To set an alert for Amazon we can use some small tricks.

We can, for example, install on Chrome web browser the extension Honey. It is a small program that we can activate with one click. When the Honey extension is present on Chrome next to the prices of all Amazon products we will see an icon and if we click on it we can choose whether to follow the price of that item for 30,60 or 90 days. Whenever the price changes in the top right corner, on the Honey icon, we will see a notification appear. In this way no Amazon flash offer can escape us.

If we want something more structured we can turn to the tool for Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera called Keepa. This tool in addition to monitoring the price of the product of Amazon, to do so just enter the link of the object of e-commerce that we like, gives us a complete picture of the trend of the price of the device in question over time. In this way we will know if it is really a must-have offer or if Amazon has not discounted for real that product. If we only want to know the price trend of a product we can also use the website Camel Camel Camel, which in the form of a graph informs us about the various rises and falls of an object within Amazon.