WhatsApp problems with dark mode: what doesn’t work

The Dark Theme of WhatsApp is giving some users a bit of trouble: here's what's happening and how to fix it

The wait was long and it has been repaid: the dark mode of WhatsApp (which the application calls Dark Theme) was made with great care and all sections were transformed following the guidelines of the operating systems. But as often happens in these situations, not all donuts come out with the hole, and there are already the first testimonies from some users who report having major problems of use since they activated the Dark Theme.

To give news of these small malfunctions are as usual the guys at WaBetaInfo, who have collected on their Twitter account some reports from users. Nothing to worry about: when a new tool or a new feature is launched, it's quite normal that some problems are encountered by a limited number of users. And that's exactly what's happening these days: rather trivial problems that can be corrected by re-installing the application or disabling WhatsApp's dark mode while waiting for a new version to come out. Here are the most common problems with the Dark Theme on WhatsApp.

Dark Theme WhatsApp problems: what's happening

In these early days of Dark Theme on WhatsApp, more and more comments from users reporting that they have problems working: inverted colors, app crashing or colorblind people struggling to distinguish messages. For example, some users who updated WhatsApp and activated the Dark Theme had the color of the message bubble remain the same, with obvious difficulties in being able to read the messages.

Other users, however, have posted a video on Twitter with the application that after the latest update continuously crashes and does not allow you to read any type of message. A more interesting case, however, concerns color-blind people. Also on Twitter, some people have complained that the colors chosen for the night mode make it difficult to read messages.

How to fix WhatsApp Dark Theme problems

If you are among the users who are experiencing malfunctions with the Dark Theme of WhatsApp, know that there are several ways to solve them quickly.

The first and easiest is to temporarily disable the dark mode while waiting for WhatsApp developers to release a new version. The procedure is quite simple, but it differs between the Android and iPhone versions. On Android you have to open the application, press on Settings, Chat and then Theme. At this point a menu appears with three options and you must choose "Clear". On the iPhone, however, you have to change the settings at the system level and activate the clear theme for all the apps on the smartphone. To do this you have to open the Settings, press on "Screen and Brightness" and choose Light.

If you don't want to wait for the update, you can try a second way: delete WhatsApp and install the app again. Before you do that, though, we suggest backing it up to Google Drive or iCloud so you don't lose any messages.