Intesa Sanpaolo doesn’t work, problems with the site and authentication

Since 10:00 am on July 1, 2019 many users are reporting problems accessing the Intesa Sanpaolo site: here's what's going on

Problems for Intesa Sanpaolo: since this morning at 10:00 am, users have started to report difficulties in accessing the site and using O-Key Smart, the new system to access their current account online. Hundreds of reports have arrived on, a website popular with users looking for a solution when a service or platform is not working.

It is not a real b, the website is accessible. Difficulties begin to arise when trying to log in to the home banking service. To complete the login you need to use the new O-Key Smart service, an application for smartphones that allows you to authenticate to the bank online and authorize transactions without the use of the token (which has been permanently retired). Those who do not have a smartphone can use O-Key SMS as an alternative, which sends the user a message with a code to be entered during the login phase. It is precisely these two new services that are causing problems: users are unable to obtain the codes for authentication, making it impossible to access Intesa Sanpaolo's home banking.

Why Intesa Sanpaolo's customer area is not working

From the reports and comments of online users, Intesa Sanpaolo's problems seem to be due to the O-Key Smart and O-Key SMS services that have replaced the key and the tokens. Those trying to log in to the Intesa Sanpaolo customer area are unable to complete the task because the two services are not working. The smartphone application returns a blank screen, while the SMS service is very slow in sending messages with authentication codes.

This is not the first time that the Intesa Sanpaolo home banking service does not work: in recent months users have reported several times difficulties in accessing their private area. The causes are not known, but the fault could be the new authentication system. Problems of youth that Intesa Sanpaolo technicians are certainly trying to solve.

Update at 16:30. More than six hours after the first reports from users, the access problems to Intesa Sanpaolo website do not seem to be solved. Users are not able to complete the login to the home banking service and to complete transactions.

Updated at 6:00 a.m. on July 2. The problems have been resolved.