How to Reset an iPhone

There are a thousand cases in which resetting an iPhone is useful, if not essential, but the procedure must be done correctly: here's how.

Resetting an iPhone is possible, although it is a procedure that scares many users with little experience. The reasons to do it, however, are many and the benefits of a complete reset can be definitely high. It's clear to everyone, though, that an iPhone reset must be done properly and without using third-party apps.

An iPhone reset is essential, for example, when we want to sell or give the phone to someone else: if we don't reset it, in fact, the new owner might be able to recover at least part of our files, photos or videos with a serious damage to our privacy. It may also happen that the iPhone doesn't work very well anymore, that it's excessively slow and that it's not enough to clear the browser cache to solve the problem. Anche in un caso del genere il reset del telefono Apple è di giovamento. Lo stesso si può dire in caso di aggiornamento del sistema operativo non andato a buon fine, ad esempio perché il telefono si è spento prima di completare l’installazione dei nuovi file.

Resettare l’iPhone: i due modi facili

Il modo più semplice per resettare un iPhone è andare su Impostazioni e poi su Generali > Ripristina e poi Inizializza contenuto e impostazioni. Bisognerà confermare la propria volontà di resettare il telefono e inserire la password per confermare.

Si può resettare un iPhone anche collegandolo ad un computer Mac o Macbook, o un PC, con l’app di iTunes: basta fare click su Dispositivo (il pulsante a forma di telefono) nella parte in alto a sinistra dello schermo e poi fare click su Riepilogo > Ripristina e seguendo le informazioni su schermo.

Also in this case, we will be asked to confirm that we really want to reset the phone and we will be asked for the password, because the procedure is not reversible.

What happens when you reset the iPhone

The iPhone reset procedure is not reversible because after it is done, the phone goes back to factory settings. All files are deleted, as well as all our settings and customizations.

The operating system is also reinstalled, with the latest version available at the time of the reset. For all these reasons, it is essential to reset your Apple phone only when it has a full battery, or when it is connected to power.