Kena Mobile credit reset and does not let call, what’s happening

Since the night of September 29, Kena Mobile is not working and does not allow users to call. The credit has been reset to all customers

Problematic awakening for Kena Mobile customers. Since the morning of September 29, Kena Mobile users are unable to call and their credit has been reset to zero. Users also report the inability to happen to the application to check the status of their subscription. Some have even tried to make an additional recharge, but the credit is not loaded on the SIM card.

The first reports came around 5:00 am, a sign that the problem arose on the night of September 28-29. On the site of there are hundreds of reports of people complaining about the inability to use Kena Mobile. The virtual operator that relies on the TIM network has not released any information: surely the technicians are working to solve the problem as soon as possible. The origin of the malfunction is not yet known and it will take some more time to normalize the situation. For the moment Kena Mobile is not working and does not allow you to make calls.

Why Kena Mobile is down

Credit reset, promotion not active, inability to make calls and to access the app to check the status of your subscription. These are the problems that Kena Mobile customers are experiencing this morning. The service disruption affects all of Italy: on comments come from Padua, Catania, Terni, Rome. Those who have contacted the customer service of Kena Mobile have not yet been able to speak with an operator to receive explanations. We will continue to monitor the situation and will tell you more in the coming hours.

Update 8:30 am. With a very quick intervention, Kena Mobile technicians have solved the problem