Spectacles: gli occhiali di Snapchat per fare video circolari

Grandi cambiamenti in casa Snapchat: l’azienda cambia nome e lancia Spectacles, occhiali smart per registrare brevi video circolari Snapchat è pronta ad ingrandirsi e lo fa cambiando il nome all’azienda e lanciando sul mercato degli occhiali da sole che registrano brevi video da dieci secondi da condividere immediatamente sul social network del fantasmino giallo. Il … Read more

Instagram: the app has problems, what’s going on

The Instagram app hasn’t been working for hours: reports from all over the world, but the platform isn’t talking We can’t talk about a real down because the service is up and running, but since this morning at about 11 am Instagram has certainly more than one problem all over the world. To be precise, … Read more

Kena Mobile credit reset and does not let call, what’s happening

Since the night of September 29, Kena Mobile is not working and does not allow users to call. The credit has been reset to all customers Problematic awakening for Kena Mobile customers. Since the morning of September 29, Kena Mobile users are unable to call and their credit has been reset to zero. Users also … Read more