How to see Napoli-Liverpool live streaming for free

The emotions of the Champions are back, Ancelotti's Napoli are called to make a great test against Liverpool, here's how to see the match in streaming

The 2018-2019 Champions League is back and for Napoli there is immediately the big challenge against Liverpool. Carlo Ancelotti's men are called to a great performance against the vice-champions of Europe in order not to definitely jeopardize the chances of continuing the path in the Champions Cup. And if you already have plans for tonight, don't worry: you can watch Napoli-Liverpool live streaming for free both from PC and smartphone.

After the external draw with Red Star in the first day, the partenopei can no longer make mistakes given the difficult Champions League round that in addition to Liverpool also includes PSG. To beat Klopp's men, Ancelotti plans to deploy the heavy artillery, with a trident composed by Milik, Insigne and Mertens, while the English respond with the usual trident of wonders Salah-Manè-Firmino. Napoli arrives to the Champions League challenge after the defeat in the championship at home of Juventus, while Liverpool has grabbed the draw in the last minutes against Chelsea. A challenge to be enjoyed, in short: if you will not be at home, here s how to watch Napoli-Liverpool of Champions League for free streaming.

Napoli-Liverpool of Champions League 2018: TV schedule

Napoli-Liverpool of Champions League 2018 is played on Wednesday, October 3 at 9 p.m. The match will be broadcast by both Sky Sports and Rai. The match of the partenopei is in fact part of the package of one match per week of Champions of which Rai has purchased the rights  for this season.

How to see Napoli-Liverpool in free streaming on RaiPlay

The challenge of the Champions League Napoli-Liverpool will be broadcast live on Rai 1. If for any reason we can not be at home and we are not subscribers to SkySport we should not despair. Using a mobile electronic device such as a smartphone or a tablet, but also a laptop, we can connect to the website RaiPlay, the service for streaming and on demand of Rai. Alternatively, on a smartphone or tablet, both iOS and Android, we can download the RaiPlay app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once on the site or downloaded the application all we have to do is connect to the live section of Rai 1 and we can start to see streaming Napoli-Liverpool.

How to see Napoli-Liverpool streaming for free on SkyGo

If instead we are subscribers to the SkySport package and we are not at home in front of the TV at the times of the match we can use the service on demand SkyGo. Even in this case, whether from a smartphone, tablet or computer, we can connect to the official Sky website or download the application from the App Store and Google Play Store. Once you have accessed SkyGo, connect to the Sky Sport Fotball HD channel or Sky Sport 252. Once this is done, let's click on Play to start streaming Napoli-Liverpool live and enjoy the spectacle of Champion League 2018.