Streaming Champions League: where to see the 2021-22 matches live

The 2021-22 Champions League is the protagonist of a distinct change, namely the streaming of the matches: here's how and where to see the matches

The Champions League is perhaps the most fascinating football competition in the world. Millions of fans are waiting for the summer to come to an end to see the Champions League matches, and the same wait has preceded the start of the Champions League 2021-22, which is the first to be able to be seen in Italy entirely in streaming.

The exploits of the four Italian teams in the competition - Juventus, Milan, Inter and Atalanta - can be admired through three channels: the classic broadcast on Sky satellite dish or streaming on Now TV, and those entirely in streaming guaranteed by Mediaset Infinity+ and Amazon Prime Video. The service of the most popular e-commerce in the world has obtained for the first time the TV rights of the Champions League, specifically those to exclusively stream the 16 best matches of the Champions Wednesday. In short: the 2021-22 season of Champions is the protagonist of a clear change from the past.

Champions League: which matches can be seen on Amazon Prime Video

The biggest news affecting the streaming of the 2021-22 matches live is the advent of Amazon Prime Video among the distributors of the events. As many as 16 matches from the beginning to the end of the continental tournament are exclusively broadcast by Prime Video. In total, they make two matches from the playoffs (already broadcast), six from the group stage (three of which have already been broadcast), four from the round of 16, two from the quarters and the two semifinals.

So, in fact, a good chunk of the 2021-22 Champions League matches will only be able to be seen by Amazon Prime subscribers. Subscribing to the service, for those who don't know, costs €3.99 per month or €36 per year, with a one-month free trial. In addition to being able to watch the 2021-22 Champions League matches exclusively broadcast on Amazon Prime Video, the subscription entitles you to fast and free shipping on millions of e-commerce items, movies and TV series, books, and tracks from Prime Reading and Amazon Music.

Subscribe to Prime Video and watch exclusive Champions League 2021-2022 matches

Champions League: which matches to watch on Mediaset

If Amazon Prime Video won the Wednesday night Champions big matches, Mediaset pulled in the best Tuesday night matches, including Inter vs Sheriff Tiraspol from the third group stage on October 19.

The yet-to-be-defined Champions League 2021-22 matches on November 2, November 23 and December 7 will remain free-to-air for all on Channel 5 and for Infinity+ subscribers. The remainder, with the exception of the exclusive matches on Amazon Prime Video, will be streamed for Infinity+ subscribers from €7.99 per month.

Infinity+, moreover, is included in Tim Vision's Football package with Dazn from €29.99 per month. In total, Mediaset will air 121 out of 137 Champions League matches.

Champions League: which matches can be seen on Sky

The same number of Mediaset's Champions League matches - 121 out of 137 total, the remainder being exclusive on Amazon Prime Video - are broadcast by Sky.

Those interested only in the sports component of the satellite platform can choose Now TV's Sports package from 14.99 euros per month, which, however, in addition to the 121 Champions League matches, entitles you to see Formula 1, Moto GP, tennis and all of Sky's sports programming.

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