WhatsApp on tablets and iPads thanks to multidevice

It's back to talk about multidevice WhatsApp, but this time it seems that the developers are serious about it and that the arrival of the new feature is really close. Here's why

There is a lot of euphoria among WhatsApp fans for two news that are circulating in these hours and that, in reality, are only one: WhatsApp multidevice is coming and among the supported devices there are also tablets, including iPads. The ability to use the same WhatsApp profile on multiple devices is certainly one of the features most requested by users, since always.

That's why any news that seems to go in this direction is always welcomed, but it is also true that WhatsApp multi-device has been talked about for years and, therefore, any rumors should be taken with due caution. Tuttavia, va detto che ormai i tempi sono maturi e che WhatsApp, dopo il forte calo di popolarità a inizio 2021 dovuto alla nuova privacy policy, ha cercato di riconquistare i suoi utenti a suon di novità e funzioni più o meno attese. Anche perché, e va detto anche questo, tutti coloro che hanno lasciato WhatsApp (anche solo temporaneamente) per passare a Telegram, Signal o altre app di messaggistica simili hanno scoperto che la gran parte delle funzioni che su WhatsApp attendono da anni sulle altre app ci sono già da un bel po’.

WhatsApp multidispositivo

La notizia di un ulteriore sviluppo di WhatsApp multi-device viene dall’ormai ben noto sito WABetaInfo: “WhatsApp sta finalmente lavorando sul multi-dispositivo 2.0 e puoi usare iPad come nuovo dispositivo collegato. Android tablets are also expected to support multi-device on WhatsApp for Android!"

WABetaInfo, however, is quick to point out that the feature "Is under development and will be released in a future update."

At the moment, you can use WhatsApp on up to two devices: your phone, via the app, and your computer, via the browser (WhastApp Web) or the app (WhatsApp Desktop). In any case, the phone must be turned on and connected to the Internet, otherwise the other device will be disconnected from the profile.

With multi-device 2.0, however, you will be able to connect up to 4 devices, including tablets, and each of them will be independent: so there will be no need to have the phone always connected to the profile.

WhatsApp for iPad and tablets

At the moment there is still no official WhatsApp app for the tablet format, neither on Android nor on iOS. Most users use WhatsApp on tablets via third-party apps (not recommended, because you need to grant them access to all profile data) or by opening WhatsApp Web on a browser window.

The second solution, however, has the limitation already mentioned: you need to keep the profile connected on a smartphone and you can't, for example, independently use WhatsApp on a tablet with SIM and phone number.

Still according to WABetaInfo, however, WhatsApp-specific apps for Android tablets and for iPad will arrive soon, probably in conjunction with multi-device. The good thing is that they won't be "web apps" that require the browser, but 100% native apps comparable to the ones we've been using on smartphones for years.