Tricks to hide the Status on WhatsApp

To make the best use of the WhatsApp Status you need to know some tricks. Here's what they are and how to use them at their best

One of the most important innovations added by WhatsApp in recent years is the "Status" section, which should not be confused with the last access. In fact, before the arrival of the new feature, for everyone the "Status on WhatsApp" meant checking when the last access was made. The "Status" section, on the other hand, collects the images and videos posted by users and which are deleted after 24 hours.

In simple words, they are the "Stories" of WhatsApp. The function, in fact, is identical to the one launched by Instagram: the same functionality, the same way to customize content and the same goal, to give users the opportunity to tell their daily life. After an undertone start, the State has become well soon one of the most used tools by users, but many do not know the tricks and do not use it perfectly. For example, it is possible to hide the contents published in the "Status" to selected contacts, so that they cannot see them. Similarly, we can "mutate" images posted by boring contacts. Here are some very useful tricks to make the best use of WhatsApp "Status".

Hiding WhatsApp Status

One of the main doubts of users is: how can they hide WhatsApp Status from some friends and relatives? The question is legitimate: sometimes you publish images and videos dedicated only to some people and only they should see them. Selecting a small group of contacts who must see the Status is very simple: just launch WhatsApp, go into Settings, press on Privacy and then select Status. A tab will open with three options "My Contacts"; "My Contacts except..."; "Share with...".

Selecting the second option will exclude some contacts, while opting for the third will directly choose the people with whom to share the Status. If there are only a few people you want to hide the content from, the second option is the best, but if you want to dedicate a story to a small group, you should choose "Share with...".

Disable WhatsApp status of your contacts

There are always people among your contacts who abuse the "Status" tool. They publish dozens and dozens of images of their lives every day, doing nothing but clogging up our smartphone. What to do to solve the problem? Very simple, WhatsApp has implemented a feature that allows you to "change" the status of some contacts. How to do it? You have to enter the Status section and press for a few seconds on the name of the contact to "silence". A message will appear "Do you disable updates to the status of "person name"? New status updates from 'person name' will no longer be visible under recent updates." Pressing on Disable will no longer see the person's Status.

How to add a link to WhatsApp Status

Now let's move on to some tricks that allow you to better customize your WhatsApp Status. The tools available are the same as on Instagram Stories, with only one difference concerning links.

As many of you well know, to add the "Swipe up" in Instagram Stories you need to have at least 10,000 followers. On WhatsApp, the functioning is completely different. Just write in the Status the link of your website (e.g. and immediately the app recognizes it as if it were a link and it becomes clickable.

How to pause the Status of a contact

To see the WhatsApp Status of a contact you have a few seconds, as it happens with Instagram Stories. What to do if a person's Status is a very long letter and we can't read it in a few seconds? Just make an extended tap on the screen and the time will freeze. This way, we won't have to scramble to quickly read what's written in our friend's Status.

Adding Location to WhatsApp Status

The WhatsApp Status leaves a lot of freedom to users, especially when it comes to customization. Among the various things we can add, there is also the location where we took the picture or from where we are posting the video. How to do it? You have to enter the "Status" section, press on "My Status" and add a photo or take it from the camera. At this point you access the customizations and by pressing on the icon with the smiley face in the upper right corner a couple of tools will appear on the screen. The third in the first row with the pointing icon is the one dedicated to localization. Activating the smartphone's GPS will automatically add the location."