How to find out who has seen WhatsApp Stories and Status

Finding out who is watching WhatsApp Status and Stories is very simple: here's how to do it with your Android and iOS smartphone

Introduced in March 2017, WhatsApp Status and Stories have been a huge success. According to the latest data , the WhatsApp Status is used by more than 500 million people every day and generates millions of views. The operation is very simple and follows the Instagram Stories: you can publish on your WhatsApp profile an image or a textual State that disappears after twenty-four hours. All very quick and easy.

The WhatsApp status is very popular especially among the younger and older people who publish in the Stories images for the "Good morning" and "Good evening". But it is also used to publish updates on everyday life, with photos of their lunch or aperitif. Publishing personal images, many are curious to know who sees the Status and WhatsApp Stories. A piece of information that WhatsApp makes available to users and that allows you to understand who is "spying" on your profile. Here's how to find out who has seen the Status and Stories WhatsApp.

Status WhatsApp: who can see it

Before finding out who sees the Status WhatsApp, we need to understand with which people we share the Stories. Doing this is very simple. You have to go into the Settings of the app, press on Account and then on Privacy. Clicking on "Status" will open a menu with three options "My contacts"; "My contacts except...", "Share with...". By default, the WhatsApp Status is shared with all the people who have our contact, but you can increase your privacy by excluding the phone number of some people, or sharing the WhatsApp Story only with a small circle of people.

How to find out who has seen the WhatsApp Status

As it happens with Instagram Stories, WhatsApp also allows users to check who has seen their Status. When you post a WhatsApp Story, there is a small eye icon at the bottom with a number beside it: these are the people who have seen the Status. Swiping upwards will open a small window with the name of the people who viewed the WhatsApp Story. In this way we will understand who are the users who "spy" on us on WhatsApp.

It may happen that the name of a person who has seen our WhatsApp Status does not appear in the list. For what reason? Very simple. The WhatsApp Status is connected to the "Read Confirmation" feature (the same feature that allows you to see the blue ticks in WhatsApp). If the person who saw our WhatsApp Story has disabled "Read Confirmations", his name will not appear in the list. And we won't be able to do anything to see if he or she has ever viewed one of our images.