How many devices can be associated with DAZN

The streaming platform DAZN allows you to associate to a single up to six different devices. The devices that can take advantage of simultaneous viewing on DAZN are instead two.

We are at that time of year when more and more sports fans begin to inquire about how to follow the major leagues. And if those who have already been DAZN customers already know a sufficient number of details about how it works, those who are preparing to subscribe to Serie A TIM 2021-2022 may have more than a few doubts.

It is normal to be unclear about some details of a particular service when switching from one platform to another, and that is why we address in depth one of the main issues in view of the restart of the Italian soccer championship, which is not far away: it will start again with the ball on the midfield puck in just over a month for the Serie A TIM 2021-2022, with DAZN that will broadcast all the 380 scheduled matches having purchased the rights from the Lega Serie A for the entire package. So, how many devices can be associated with DAZN? And how many of these can see live broadcasts at the same time?

How many devices can be associated with DAZN?

The streaming platform is very clear on its support pages, and to the question of how many devices can be associated with DAZN answers unequivocally: in a single account can be associated up to 6 different devices, among those compatible with as many apps of the platform. Among the advantages of DAZN you can not deny a total flexibility of vision: among the supported devices include smart TVs with Android, Tizen, Web OS but also HiSense smart TV, then set-top boxes including Apple TV and TIM Box, streaming sticks such as Amazon's Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast, Android, iOS and Amazon smartphones and tablets through their respective apps, PCs and game consoles including, of course, there are Xbox and PlayStation.

How many devices for simultaneous viewing on DAZN?

This is one of the most cherished topics for those who have subscribed to DAZN or are preparing to do so soon. DAZN does not allow the simultaneous viewing of all six devices with which you can access an account, but it does better than most of the competition.

The devices that can take advantage of the simultaneous viewing on DAZN are in fact two, which can then enjoy at the same time the live content, an opportunity that comes in quite handy in large families or when the interesting events live are more than one.

It can sometimes happen that you access the application and you realize at that moment that you have saturated the "seats" in the front row available. So you need to disconnect a device, and it becomes important to understand the difference between Exit and Close app: closing the app does not exit the application, but with the Exit button you disconnect the device from the account and then the next time you log in you will have to enter the credentials again, and this is the right button to quickly free up a slot for viewing content.