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DaVinci Resolve: Change language - here's how to do it

With the free video editing program DaVinci Resolve you have the possibility to edit videos according to your wishes. The software is available in different languages. Even after installation, changing the language is possible. However, DaVinci Resolve is not yet available in German.

How to change the language of DaVinci Resolve

Using the free video editing software DaVinci Resolve, you have many options available to edit your created videos. You can already set the language of the program during installation. If you want to change it later, this is also possible directly via the application. The program is currently not yet available in German, but you have the choice between English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
  1. Open on your computer "DaVinci Resolve".
  2. Inside the program click on the top left on the lettering "DaVinci Resolve".
  3. Then select the option "Preferences" in the new menu.
  4. Here you can now make all settings. Alternativ erreichen Sie das Menü über die Tatenkombinationen „Strg“ + „Komma-Taste“ beziehungsweise „Command“ + „Komma-Taste“ auf einem Mac.
  5. Im nächsten Schritt wechseln Sie auf „User“. Hier sehen Sie nun die persönlichen Einstellungen.
  6. Die Spracheinstellungen finden Sie unter „UI Settings“ und anschließend „Language“.
  7. Nun wählen Sie eine Sprache aus und schließen die Einstellungen wieder. Starten Sie das Programm neu, falls nötig.

By Eckel Michaelis

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