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Valheim: What does the corpse run mean? We explain

In Valheim it's always about survival, but that doesn't always work out. If it comes to the fall of the cases, the hint of a buff called corpse run appears at the top. We explain what it means.

The time is ticking: You should make good use of the corpse run buff.

To ensure that the worst case scenario occurs as rarely as possible, you should look into the options for maximum health points.

Valheim: Corpse Run Explained

The corpse run is a temporary effect:
  • It starts automatically as soon as your character comes back to life after on-screen death.
  • The effect is intended to make it easier for you to return to the gravestone.
  • This is done by reducing your stamina consumption by 75 percent when jumping and sprinting.
  • In addition, you have a greatly increased resistance to the damage types blunt, cutting and stabbing.
  • Also important: If you still die again during the active corpse run buff, you will not lose any more skill levels.
So you should use the time well, even if it is usually not enough for the entire way to the tombstone. Doch während des aktiven Effekts sind Sie extrem schnell unterwegs und verkraften einigen Schaden, sodass Sie Ihrem Ziel mit minimiertem Risiko ein gutes Stück näher kommen können.

By Mignon

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