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Ubuntu in VirtualBox - how it works

By using a virtual machine like VirtualBox you have the possibility to use another operating system in parallel on your operating system. Especially for testing purposes or setting up devices under other systems, a virtual machine with Ubuntu is quite useful.

Using Ubuntu in VirtualBox - here's how to set it up

Of course, to set up Ubuntu on your virtual machine, you need to have installed it beforehand. An Ubuntu image in ISO format is also necessary.
  1. Start VirtualBox and click the "New" button.
  2. Select "Ubuntu" as the name and follow the instructions of the wizard.
  3. Now specify how much memory is provided. To be on the safe side, set 4 GB.
  4. Click on "Create hard disk" and set the file type to "VDI" in the next window.
  5. Further, select the value "dynamically allocated" as storage type and assign a name for the hard disk and the maximum final size.
  6. Finally click on "Create".

Ubuntu in VirtualBox use - the installation

  1. In order to install Ubuntu now, a new drive with the ISO file must be created in "Mass Storage" before.
  2. Sobald das geschehen ist, klicken Sie auf „Starten“, um Ubuntu zu laden.
  3. Nun folgt ein weiterer Assistent, der Sie durch die Installation von Ubuntu führt.
  4. Folgen Sie allen Schritten und schließen Sie die Installation ab.
  5. Sobald Ubuntu installiert wurde, können Sie die virtuelle Maschine bei Bedarf schließen und wieder öffnen, sobald Sie das System nutzen möchten.

By Gerlac Darsi

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