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Key combination: at-sign

The @ symbol, colloquially known as monkey tail or monkey swing, is probably one of the most frequently used special characters. Here's how to create this much-used special character using a key combination on your keyboard.

Key combinations for the @ sign

Depending on the language setting of your keyboard, both the position and the individual key combination for generating the @ sign differ.
  • German keyboard: If you are working with a keyboard set to German, the @ sign will be located on the letter Q. To generate the @ sign, simply use the key combination "AltGr + Q".
  • American keyboard: If your keyboard is configured for US English, use the combination "Shift + 2" to generate the @ sign.
  • British keyboard: If your keyboard is configured for British English, use the key combination "Shift + รค" or the key on the left above the right Shift key to generate the @ sign.

Other options to generate the @ sign

On a Windows PC you also have the option to generate the @ sign via the numeric keypad. The key combination in this case is "Alt + 0064". For this, however, the "Num key" must be activated beforehand. An easy way to use the @ sign without a key combination is to copy and paste the sign from other content, for example via an email address.

By Farkas

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