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Key Combination: Close Window

Key combinations are used to perform a wide variety of actions on a computer or Mac quickly and easily. Many actions can even be performed exclusively using a key combination. Especially when a program or window hangs, a combination helps to close the interface.

Close window key combination - here's how to do it

In addition to the key combination to close a window, there are of course various other options to exit the current interface. Often, however, a key combination is simple and goes faster.
  1. To close a window in Windows or to force the termination, use the key combination [Alt] + [F4].
  2. If you hold down this key combination, all open windows are closed in succession until none is left.
  3. Be aware that this operation can cause unsaved changes in the document to be lost and partially no security question comes.
  4. On Mac, use the key combination [CMD] + [W] and to close all windows [Alt] + [CMD] + [W].

Close Windows: Alternative

  1. Alternativ können Sie einfach mit der Maus auf das [X] in der oberen rechten Ecke klicken.
  2. Sollte dieses nicht zu sehen sein, hilft auch ein Rechtsklick auf das Symbol in der Taskleiste und anschließend „Fenster schließen“.
  3. Zusätzlich funktioniert es auch über den Task-Manager.

By Miculek Boje

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