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Key combination: printing on Mac - how to manage it

If you want to manage the storage space on your Mac, it works without any additional software. This is because Apple has equipped macOS with on-board tools that allow you to manage, free up, and additionally optimize the built-in storage space directly from the Mac's System Preferences.

How to use the keyboard shortcut to print on a Mac

To print a document on a Mac, you have a choice between using a keyboard shortcut and printing from the command menu.
  1. To print using a keyboard shortcut, open the document you want to print and press the command [cmd] and [p] keys simultaneously. This keyboard shortcut will first take you to the printer settings, where you can adjust the configuration. For direct printing, confirmation with [Enter] is sufficient.
  2. In the menu of the respective Mac software, for example in the writing program, you will find the command to "Print" under the item "File". This also leads you to the printer settings. With a click on "Print" you start the printing process.

More useful keyboard shortcuts for Mac computers

The command key [cmd] is the most important key for keyboard shortcuts on a Mac. You can use the combination [cmd] and [c] to copy content, which you can then use the shortcut [cmd] and [v] to paste anywhere. The key combination [cmd] and [f] is also practical, allowing you to search for a document or open a new search window.

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