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Amazon Kindle: What does KOLL mean? We explain

Prime subscribers also receive some benefits from Amazon when it comes to eBooks. In the process, you may come across the term KOLL, which is common in the English-speaking world. Our guide explains what's behind it.

Only one eBook at a time, for as long as you want: That is the system in the Kindle lending library.

eBooks can also be borrowed. Prime customers may even do so for free, albeit with clear rules.

Amazon: KOLL is the lending library for Kindle users

KOLL means "Kindle Owners' Lending Library", translated as lending library for owners of an Amazon Kindle. There, the following conditions apply:
  • Prime customers can borrow one eBook per month from the lending library.
  • There is no return period - you can keep the book as long as you want.
  • However, you can only borrow a new title after returning the eBook.
KOLL is thus a supplement to other eBook offers from Amazon, such as Prime Reading or Kindle Unlimited. The latter, however, requires a separate subscription and has nothing to do with Prime.

By Alwyn Mackimmie

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