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Change Sims 4 Language: Set the right language with these steps

In the Sims 4 game options, there is no option to change the language of the EA game. However, if you have an incorrect language set, you have another option to change the language in Sims 4.

Two options: Changing the language in Sims 4

For quite some time, there was only one way to change the language in Sims 4: Using the registry editor, also called the registry. However, this way is a challenge for inexperienced users. This is because making incorrect settings in the registry can damage Windows. Errors can even go so far that the Windows version is irreparable.We therefore recommend the second method, which Origin introduced only years after the Sims 4 was released. Meanwhile, the language can still not be changed directly in the game, but in the Origin Launcher

Sims 4: Language settings in Origin Launcher

To change the language of Sims 4, so first open the launcher of Origin and log in there with your credentials. Then proceed as follows:
  1. Switch to your game library by clicking on the button.
  2. Now right-click the entry for Sims 4.
  3. Select "Game Settings" in the context menu.
  4. Als nächstes klicken Sie auf „erweiterte Starteinstellungen“.
  5. Unter „Sprache des Spiel“ haben Sie nun die Möglichkeit, auf Englisch, Französisch, Türkisch und viele weitere Sprachen umzustellen.

By Erik Starks

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