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GIF file - this is what the file format offers you

When you want to send or create files, you encounter numerous formats with which this is possible. Animations are usually sent as a so-called GIF. This is a Graphics Interchange Format. The format offers numerous advantages, but also has disadvantages.

What you need to know about a GIF file

If you want to send an animation, this is possible via a GIF. Nowadays, these are distributed mainly on various platforms with funny content. This file format has various advantages, which is why it is widely used. However, some functions are also not possible.
  1. Under the abbreviation GIF are the terms Graphics Interchange Format.
  2. The format is used to exchange animations on the Internet.
  3. GIFs consist of several images that are strung together. So it is possible with the appropriate tools in a few steps to create a GIF itself or to edit an existing one.
  4. A GIF can only represent a maximum of 256 colors. So it may be that an image loses color information. In addition, the format supports transparency. Here, however, it may happen that the edges appear unclean.
  5. The advantage, however, is that you can create an animation with images and also choose the duration of the display of each frame. Zudem ist es möglich, die Animation zu loopen, so dass diese immer wieder von neuem beginnt.
  6. Ein GIF enthält zudem keine Tonspur.

By Franky Velcoff

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