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Saving PDF - how to use the file format

In many cases it makes sense and is much more professional if you save documents as PDF files. This also makes it more difficult to make changes after the fact. But which files can be saved as PDF? Almost every popular word processing program offers you a suitable function.

Save files as PDF

The PDF format is extremely versatile. Basically, you can save all files from well-known office applications as PDF. Afterwards, however, editing the document is only possible with special applications, such as those from Adobe.
  1. Open the desired file in a program of your choice. Make sure that the formatting is correct and that you are satisfied with the arrangement of the elements. Images can also be included in the files.
  2. For example, under Word now switch to "File" and then click "Export" > "Create PDF/XPS document". Then click on the right side on the button with the same label.
  3. Select a location of your choice.
  4. Now click "Save".

How are the files further processed?

  • You can open a PDF in any browser.
  • Alternatively, you can also use a PDF reader. In solchen Programmen haben Sie meistens ebenfalls die Möglichkeit, die PDF-Datei noch weiter zu bearbeiten.
  • Gerade bei amtlichen Formularen oder dem Einfügen von digitalen Unterschriften kann das sehr praktisch sein.

By Silvio Suszynski

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