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Convert XLS to PDF - how to change the file format

If you want to convert an XLS file to PDF, it works in several ways. The XLS file format is one of the various standard formats of Microsoft Excel. Read how to proceed to convert an XLS file to a PDF file.

XLS to PDF: How to use the Excel export function

Excel normally saves documents in one of its own standard formats. The XLS file format is the default format from Excel 97 up to and including 2003, but documents in this older format can still be opened and edited in current versions of Excel. Using the built-in Export feature, you can also convert an XLS document to other file formats, such as PDF.Follow these steps to convert an XLS file to a PDF:
  1. Start Excel and open the XLS document.
  2. Click on "File" and select "Export" in the navigation.
  3. Click on the option "Create PDF/XPS document".
  4. Select a location and name the file using the "File name" input field. Also make sure that the file type "PDF" is selected.
  5. Finally click "Publish" to save the file.

Convert XLS file in browser

Alternatively, you can also convert XLS files using a converter. Some converters, such as smallpdf.com or freepdfconvert.com, can even be used directly from the browser. On the website, simply upload the XLS file and select PDF as the output format. Your file will then be converted and ready for download. However, you should note that files that you convert in this way do not contain sensitive data.

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