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Convert XLS to XLSX - how to change the file format

In Microsoft Excel you can save files in different formats. The XLS format is the old standard format from Excel 97 up to and including 2003. The more up-to-date and XML-based XLSX format is supported since Excel version 2007. Learn here what options you have to convert an XLS file to XLSX format.

Convert XLS file to XLSX format: How it works

In Excel, during the Save dialog, you have the option to select different file formats. Follow these steps to save a file in XLS format as an XLSX file:
  1. Start Excel and open the XLS file you want to convert.
  2. Click "File" in the navigation and then "Save As".
  3. Navigate to the desired location and name the file via the input field "File name".
  4. Then select the format "Excel workbook (*.xlsx)" as the file type.
  5. Finally click "Save".
The file will then be stored by Excel in the new file format on your computer. The old file in XLS format will remain, unless you overwrite it when saving.

Convert XLS file with the Export function

Alternatively, you can also use Excel's Export function, which also allows you to save files in different formats.
  1. Open the XLS document and click "File".
  2. Click "Export" and then select the "Change File Type" option.
  3. Select Workbook as the file type and click the "Save As" button.
  4. Specify the desired location and a file name and finally click "Save". Excel will then export the file in XLSX format.

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