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Making the screen brighter: here's how to do it

There are several ways to make the screen brighter. If you have already set the brightness to the maximum, you may be able to brighten the screen even further by screwing it to the maximum in other menus as well.

In the settings, make the screen brighter

Laptop: Make the screen brighter

To make the screen brighter, you usually have two different options on your laptop.
  1. First, look at the F keys on your keyboard. If you find a sun symbol here, use the Fn key + the F key to make the screen brighter.
  2. On older laptops, you may find an external wheel for the screen brightness.
  3. Now call the control panel. The best way to do this is to simply enter the term in the Windows search.
  4. Go here to "Hardware and Sound > Power Options".
  5. Here you will find a slider, with which you can make the screen brighter.

Procedure at the computer

If you are at the computer, there are also several options to adjust the screen brightness.
  1. First check your screen. On many models there are buttons through which you can make the screen brighter.
  2. If you are dissatisfied with the brightness or even with other displays, you can calibrate your screen. In doing so, you also adjust the brightness.
  3. The next option is not available with every version of Windows: Now open the Windows settings. Klicken Sie dafür auf das Windows-Symbol und dann auf das Zahnrad.
  4. Wechseln Sie hier zu „System > Ansicht“ und nutzen Sie den Schieberegler, um den Bildschirm heller zu machen.
  5. Auch in Spielen finden Sie häufig ein Extra-Menü für die Helligkeit.

By Minne

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