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What does VR mean? That's what's behind the abbreviation

If you like gaming and the latest gadgets, you will always come across the abbreviation "VR". To help you know if you need these games or accessories, we've summarized the most important aspects for you.

What does the abbreviation VR mean

VR is the abbreviation for "Virtual Reality" and refers to a technology designed to help you experience a simulation or game more intensely.
  1. In order to use "Virtual Reality", it is necessary that you own a corresponding headset and have the necessary space and the associated technical capabilities.
  2. You can dive into a virtual reality when playing a game that is designed for VR, thereby experiencing the game in a new way.
  3. So far, you can only apply the technology to games that have been programmed specifically for VR, which means that the choice is still limited.
  4. The immersion in virtual reality is made possible by "manipulating" all your senses. This is to make it possible for you to forget about physical reality and immerse yourself completely in the experience.
  5. For people suffering from epilepsy or a perceptual disorder, the use of VR is not safe, as the intense experience can lead to triggers.
For now, VR is still a costly investment, but in the near future there will be cheaper as well as high-quality solutions. You can find out whether the investment in already existing solutions is worth it by taking the opportunity to try out such a device. Trade shows, such as Gamescom, are ideal for this.

By Burns Stanaland

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