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Approve e-scooters - these are the points you need to pay attention to

An e-scooter is a pedal scooter with an electric drive. But as with all vehicles that move in traffic, there is also a regulation for this one that describes what specifications the e-scooter must have in order to be approved for German road traffic.

In this case, an e-scooter is approved

In order for you to be allowed to drive an e-scooter on German roads, it must be approved. You can not register the scooter yourself, but the vehicle must already be approved for German road traffic when you buy it. This can be seen from the type description and the marking "ABE".
  1. If a company produces or sells an e-scooter, then this must apply to the competent authority for approval for road traffic.
  2. Then the vehicle is checked by the TÜV for suitability. Here, certain criteria must be met.
  3. At the moment, many manufacturers are waiting for this test. Since many applications were received at once, the processing time takes. Many models that are currently on sale, are not approved for participation in road traffic.
  4. In the meantime, only 13 models have received road approval, many more are still waiting for it. The long time is due to the close examination. Eventuell müssen noch Nachbesserungen durchgeführt werden, was den Prozess nochmals verzögert.
  5. Viele Unternehmen haben bereits die Produktion von neuen Scootern eingestellt, da diese noch auf eine Betriebserlaubnis warten.

By Farris

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