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Installing an SSD hard drive - what you need to pay attention to

An SSD hard drive offers you read and write rates of over 500 Mbyte/s. If you want to upgrade your computer with it, it should have at least a SATA 2 controller. If you want to install the SSD hard drive, other conditions must also be met.

This is what you need to pay attention to when installing SSD hard drive

If you want to install SSD hard drive in your computer, it is important to pay attention to some points. This way you can fully benefit from the speed of the hard drive.
  1. Your installed mainboard should have a SATA 3 controller in the best case. However, at least a SATA 2 is necessary.
  2. Furthermore, you have to activate the "AHCI" mode within your BIOS/UEFI. This is necessary so that your operating system recognizes the disk afterwards.
  3. Shut down your computer and disconnect it from the power.
  4. Then you can open the case.
  5. Now select a free hard drive bay. Alternatively, first remove an older hard drive to make room.
  6. Now slide your SSD drive into the slot and attach it. Je nach Gehäuse erfolgt dies mit Schrauben oder einem Klippschalter.
  7. Nun müssen Sie abschließend die Karte sowohl mit dem Strom als auch mit dem SATA-Anschluss verbinden.
  8. Nun können Sie das Gehäuse wieder schließen und den Computer mit einer Stromquelle verbinden.
  9. Starten Sie Ihren Computer und überprüfen Sie, ob Ihre SSD-Karte erkannt wurde.

By Xenophon

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