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Android 9: Apps on Windows Phone - how to do it

Support for Windows Phone was discontinued some time ago. Many users have already switched to other phones running Android or iOS, as these are the only two operating systems that have a high market share in 2019. Android is at 72 percent, while iOS is at 28 percent.

Support for Android apps on Windows Phone has been discontinued

Microsoft wanted to release a way to use Android apps on Windows Phone before it was killed off - similar to the well-known BlueStacks, which already enables the feature on Windows 10. But the project was abandoned along with the phone, and almost all Windows Phone users have switched to other operating systems. As of March 2019, the market shares look like Windows Phones have been almost completely replaced.
  1. Android has the largest market share in Germany with 72.97 percent.
  2. iOS has the second highest share with 26.2 percent.
  3. All other smartphone operating systems have a small market share of less than one percent. Windows has just 0.48 percent, Nokia has 0.07 percent and BlackBerryOS has 0.03 percent.
  4. If you still own a Windows Phone, you should switch to another operating system as soon as possible, as the share of Windows Phones will steadily decrease in the next few years and also no new apps or updates for the operating system will come out.
  5. It is even predicted that by 2022 the market share of smartphone operating systems other than iOS or Android will drop to 0 percent.

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