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Modern Warfare: Change language - this is how easy it is

If Modern Warfare does not start in your preferred language, you can easily change this. Numerous language packs are supported, after all. Our guide explains how you can change the language.

Linguistic warfare: the language can be changed even before the game starts.

Many German players prefer Modern Warfare in English, whether because research on certain topics yields more hits online or because English simply fits the military setting better.

This is how you change the language in Modern Warfare

You don't change the language in the game, but beforehand, namely in the Blizzard launcher:
  1. Click Modern Warfare.
  2. Select the small "Options" field, which can be found in the game overview under the logo.
  3. The "Settings" window opens. Under "Game Settings" you can select the desired language there at "Text and Audio Language".
  4. Close the window by clicking "Done".
After that, the game will be updated, but a download is still needed for completion. In addition to many European languages, Mandarin and Arabic are also available. Players from all over the world will thus get their money's worth and can enjoy especially the audio output in the desired sound.

By Dail Irrizarry

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