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Laptop leasing: These providers are worthwhile

A new laptop is an expensive purchase. Especially if you need a device with a lot of power, a laptop can quickly cost over 1,000 euros. Leasing is an alternative if you don't want to invest in your own device or only need the laptop for a limited period of time.

Leasing laptops instead of buying

Leasing a laptop is a practical alternative to buying one. Laptops are expensive and lose value after a short time. So if you need the device only for a short time or always want to use the latest hardware, leasing is a practical and cost-effective option. You can find numerous providers on the net. The websites also all offer free advice on the phone or by mail.

These providers are interesting

  1. Leasing IT technology: on the website you will find, among other things, laptops for leasing. Cheap models you get for 12 euros per month. High-performance devices cost between 90 and 160 euros per month.
  2. Notebooksbilliger: The provider is actually known as a classic IT store, but you can also lease laptops instead of buying them. To do this, select "Leasing" during the payment process. After checking your data and your liquidity, a contract will be sent to you for signature.
  3. Leasing store: Here you will find laptops from various providers. Die günstigsten Geräte kosten 35 Euro monatlich.
  4. Comfortleasing: Auch bei diesem Anbieter können Sie Notebooks und Laptops leasen. Der Versand ist kostenlos und erfolgt nach Prüfung Ihrer Daten innerhalb von 48 Stunden.

By Milburt

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