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Secure email providers - these providers are recommended

Many large email providers are increasingly experiencing data security problems. If you want to make sure that your data is protected from hackers, there are several providers that have particularly high security standards. Get an overview of which ones are available and how registration works.

These secure email providers are available

If your privacy is important to you when writing and receiving emails, there are different providers that place great emphasis on encrypting your data and not sharing it.
  1. With aikQ, all your emails are encrypted using SSL or TLS. In addition, aikQ gives you the option to register under a pseudonym and create an email account without providing any personal information. The use of this costs 1 euro per month.
  2. In addition to encryption via SSL, your emails are protected at Posteo with the help of Perfect Forward Secrecy. For a 2GB mailbox, two alias addresses and a calendar function, 1 euro per month is due.
  3. Also JP-Berlin protects your data by means of SSL or TLS procedures and uses Perfect Forward Secrecy. The cost for a 1GB mailbox is also here at 1 euro per month. Unlike the other providers, JB-Berlin requires you to enter your name and address.

Secure email providers: How to register

Once you have decided on a provider, registration is possible in a few steps. For aikQ, please go to the website "aikq.de" and click on "Register". Then enter your name or a pseudonym, select an e-mail address and enter a password for your account. After confirming the captcha code, click "Submit", after that your new email account is directly usable.

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