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Image rights on WhatsApp - who owns the images?

WhatsApp is currently the most popular chat client for mobile devices. It is often used as a service chat at companies and websites. For a long time, the chat service had problems with security and privacy. There are still scandals in this regard, because images are also cached on the servers.

What exactly is the situation with image rights on WhatsApp?

In general, WhatsApp stores all the information about its users that they themselves enter in their profile - i.e. name, birthday, profile picture, phone number, status and contact details. Messages are not cached as long as they can be received directly. However, images and text are cached if the message cannot be received by the recipient. According to Facebook, this cached data is deleted again after 24 hours. Whether this is really the case cannot be verified.
  1. WhatsApp stores data such as phone number, email address, profile names, contacts and profile pictures - according to its own statements, in order to "operate, offer, improve, understand, individualize, support and market services." A detailed list of what data is stored, you can find on the corresponding WhatsApp privacy page.
  2. This data is also shared with other companies for analysis purposes.
  3. Pictures, texts and other data are, according to its own statement and without that this fact can be verified, stored by the company only 24 hours and then deleted again.
  4. However, you give up all rights to the data you send on WhatsApp. The question that arises justifiably: "If all data is provided only for you, why do you have to give up the rights to this?"

By Howes

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