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Installing an SSD: How to upgrade with the fast drive

When you install a solid state drive, or SSD, you benefit from a fast drive that loads programs at lightning speed. For example, you can install an SSD to upgrade your device to a gaming PC and boost its speed.

Install an SSD in just a few steps

If you want to install an SSD, get your PC up to speed. Caution applies to older devices or old operating systems. If these run slowly, this can also be due to other components and the installation of the SSD will not improve the speed then. On your operating system Windows 7,8 or 10 the installation of the SSD is often worthwhile. So that your new memory can be recognized by Windows, the AHCI mode must be activated in the bios.
  1. First disconnect your device from the power and open the PC case.
  2. As a rule, every new case has extra SSD slots. These are usually located on the back of the case and not on the front like the rest. You can easily recognize the slots by the fact that they are slightly smaller than normal hard drive slots.
  3. Slide the SSD into the slot and attach it in the specified holder.
  4. Connect the SSD via SATA 2 to your motherboard and connect a power plug of the power supply to it.
  5. Finally, close your PC case again.
After correct installation, the new drive is immediately recognized by Windows. With suitable tools like the Corsair SSD Toolbox you can optimize the performance of the storage.

By Bilow

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